SoftLab9 is a publicly traded company specializing in the acquisition, development, and launching of vertically integrating companies. With the rise of Covid-19 and other human coronaviruses, SoftLab9 is positioning itself as an industry leader. The company is ready to fight against deadly viruses and bacteria, like the human coronavirus, in a responsible and sustainable way with its latest, soon to be, acquisition’s product, Clean Go Green Go Inc. Clean Go Green Go is a sustainable sanitation technology with a specially designed green formula which penetrates and cleans at the molecular level. SoftLab9 believes there is no better time than the present to introduce such a revolutionary sanitation product and hand
sanitizer like CleanGo GreenGo.
Softlab9 brings modern innovative solutions and ideas to the market. Their products are developed based on the latest science, experts’ advisors and aims to build authority as a leading sanitation company.

Softlab9 is a Canadian-based international company providing business-based solutions across a spectrum of subsidiaries including advertisement, brokerages, financial services, government, sanitation, and logistics.  The company’s purpose is to manufacture, market, license and sell sanitation technologies across industries and its products are already being used by companies across North America. The use of blockchain in the microfinance industry, such as water and sanitation enterprises, has grown in recent years. Today, many multinational corporations see cryptocurrencies favourably, claiming that payments made using cryptocurrencies are more secure than any other payment method. The good news is that numerous businesses have begun trading cryptocurrencies via online trading platforms. Some trading bots, such as Bitcoin Profit, even allow merchants to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Consider using the Bitcoin profit app platform just after you've tested it and read customer feedback.

Changing the Way We Think About Cleaning
Safety Pioneer
Softlab9 uses revolutionary breakthroughs in cleaning technology to remove tough and deep stains on hard surfaces through the power and science of emulsification.
Spray it on Problem Gone
Clean those deep and troublesome strains at the molecular level and let science do all the heavy lifting with a non-toxic and non-caustic formula.
Environmentally Responsible
Made without hard chemicals, CleanGo GreenGo products are the worlds greatest non-toxic cleaner. It is VOC free, biodegradable, bio-renewable, and guilt free! Emulsification is the new oxygenation!

Our Product

Clean Go Green Go is designed with advanced sanitation technology to become the sanitation industry’s leading product. Its non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and pet and child friendly solution utilizes only the greenest ingredients to emulsify stains and filth on surfaces, leading to a deeper clean. The magic of Clean Go Green Go cannot be stated enough, by weakening interfacial tension, our cleaner works alongside water to penetrate the soiled surface on a molecular level.

The revolutionary sanitation formula allows this line of products to maximize cleaning potential while reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. Clean Go Green Go does not just clean ‘better’, it cleans with the power of science!

Proven Effectivness
Our products are not just ‘better’ than other cleaners, it revolutionizes the way we clean our kitchen, bathroom and other hard to clean areas. Scientifically designed to cut down cleaning time with guaranteed results, 90% of surveyed customers are surprised by Clean Go Green Go’s superior cleaning ability.
Long Lasting
Our product is long lasting and provides a cleaning deeper than any other product you have ever tried. Leave your surfaces cleaner, shinier and longer than ever before
Pioneering Technology
Clean Go Green Go’s technology allows it to outperform traditional cleaning solutions by changing the way we think about cleaning! Through emulsification, Clean Go Green Go uses quick break action to capture filth on a molecular level, resulting in an effortless clean up!
Other cleaners use heavy chemicals and toxins in their recipes which can cause unwanted skin irritations, burns or reactions. Products developed by Softlab9 uses responsible ingredients which leaves human skin undamaged.

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